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Bohemian Inspiration in Provence

27 July 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Laetitia Sobie “Bubbles of Love” – Wedding planner tells his choices and his vision of this shoot inspiration for which she asked me to participate.

“As soon as I knew I had to make an inspirational shoot for supplying pictures my future website, 2 evidences have emerged to me:

I already knew what I wanted to couples as role models and what photographer would sublimate and my work …

First talk about my love 2: Laurie and Stephen, a couple for 11 years but not married (too much!) And the parents of 2 beautiful children.

Laurie is a friend for some years. I made the choice to take “real people” and not professional models because I really wanted that their love for each other comes from the pictures, this “sincerity”, this “simple” and this “modesty “that have the real couples were important to me! And that’s where the talent of my gold photographer Christophe Serrano (we’ve known since college) came into the game to make them “let go-taking” and try to sweep this restraint that have non-professionals .

And yes my 2 very shy knew how to play the game and have fun has put before the two cameras Christophe! It is extremely educator and always finds the right words to put at ease the models and being in the world of marriage for a lot longer than me is excellent advice and his experience is invaluable … There was another point was very important for me and I really wanted to bring out in my shooting: children.

For me they have their place at a wedding if they are properly cared for their welfare course and also that of their relatives, of course! children that’s life, the continuation of a couple, I attach great importance to the family, sharing the happiness of others and all that children are part!

That’s how my 6 year old daughter ended up also as a model that my “cozy corner for the little ones” made for the occasion!

Finally I would talk about the decor, my greatest pleasure.

To this day I have chosen the theme “bohemian / country-chic”: a very private villa “Provence” in the middle of nature, a beautiful table set with antique embroidered white cloth as a tablecloth, a beautiful slice cedar top center of the jute runner, succulent in mark-up, with sweet flowers and lots of love and voila! All these beautiful materials have allowed me to make a beautiful table, simple but classy … everything I love! the little touches for guests being essential in my view, small pouches filled with fruity sweetness for large, candy for the children, a candy bar and excellent homemade lemonade were also provided of course …

All this would have been possible without a team of providers of thunder that have been by my side to achieve this fantastic day and I thank from my heart: Photographer: Christophe Serrano Wedding Dress,

shoes, bow tie Valerie wedding Manon (model dress Elsa Gary Maelys)

Flowers and stationery Emily Alarcon

Make up: Carine institute “the ladies ‘happiness’

Hairstyle: Maria

I would end up the icing on the “weeding-cake”: a week after the shooting Stéphane asked her hand in marriage and Laurie is planned for September 2017 !! What happiness !! ”

Laetietia Sobie

“Bubble Love” Wedding Planner[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][dt_photos_jgrid number=”120″ target_height=”440″ padding=”0″ category=”lovebubble” dt_title=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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